26 July 2012

Nespresso - My new love affair

A year ago I wrote about my love affair with my new iPad.  Since then, it continues to be loved dearly along with all the other digital gadgets in the household.  However, a new love affair began for me when my gorgeous husband purchased an espresso coffee machine whilst I was abroad visiting family.

Let me introduce you to Nespresso's Citiz C110 Shanghai Tang Limited Edition and his trusted friend Aeroccino 3 milk froth device.  My cappuccinos, long blacks and lattes have never been the same.  I also drink decaf now, which in a million years you wouldn't have me do beforehand.  Actually that's more thanks to my cousin, Agi, who introduced me to it whilst visiting her in Hungary.

My beautiful coffee machine and his friend the frother.

Now my husband doesn't do things by halves.  So when he purchased the coffee pods he went all the way.  Acquiring not just this beautiful presentation box filled with all 16 flavours but also a full complement of 250 capsules. 

Tasting and trialling the different flavours has been a divine journey, indulging in blended varieties along with pure blends from Brazil, Colombia and India.  The beauty of each individual pod is that the coffee's aroma and freshness remains sealed until it's been used.  It also means that coffee no longer needs to be one flavour.  We experiment with lattes, cinos, short blacks, long blacks, decaf, strength levels and give ourselves a whole new experience when drinking coffee.  I no longer need to spend $6 for an espresso that may or may not be to my liking (more often than not, it's not to my liking).

So then who is Nespresso?  A wholly owned subsidiary of Nestle, Nespresso launched in 1986 with all of four flavours and two espresso machines.  They've come a long way in flavours with bi-yearly limited editions launched, along with a current complement of 28 machine designs.  With a global presence of 57 countries and 200+ boutique stores, Nespresso is here to stay and continue delighting our coffee addictions.

As I sit here writing having recently indulged my senses with a decaf latte, I wonder if it's too soon to have another one.  Maybe I can sneak another one in.....