09 April 2011

Another lesson learnt

The next time the taxis are in abundance in Singapore on a Saturday night, make sure we hop into one and take 10 min to get home not 75 min. We opted for the train ride home because we promised Trini. Except down the other end, there were no taxis to get ourselves home.

It's usually a half hour walk but with Trini it's closer to an hour. Twenty minutes into our walk we realise that Trini just can't go further (partying too late last night with the next door neighbour's kids didn't help). John ends up being my hero tonight as he carries 15kg of deadweight for the next 40 min. I am mopping up the dripping sweat off his face and ear lobes whilst Trini is snoozing away. It also didn't help that I have an inflamed hip and couldn't help with carrying her.

As we were walking I realised that sometimes as parents we put ourselves into awkward situations in order to keep a promise because if we break a promise the first time then it's likely that we'll do it again and again. That teaches my girl that she can't rely on our word. So we were hot, sweating and uncomfortable but our daughter got to ride the train and smile and laugh all the way home.

So what's the lesson here? Consider the best mode of transport on a weekend before we make any promises.

What's the reinforced value? A promise is a promise regardless of the circumstances. Fulfill it so that Trini can always rely on our word.