13 July 2011

A day with my girl

There is nothing more satisfying than getting to the end of a day and reflecting on the sheer pleasure of spending the day with my girl in the city.

We started our day by having lunch with daddy at Changi Airport and over coffee we combined efforts to color in a couple of Tinkerbell sceneries ensuring regular changes of color pencils (there are times when an entire scene will be just one color, not particularly exciting).

Our joint colouring effort and Tinkerbell.

After taking a monorail between terminals we caught the train and escorted daddy to work. Following lots of kisses and hugs and bye byes we farewell daddy and continue our train trip to the city.

Daddy showing TinTin where he works.

Our first pitstop is the vintage Toy Museum where we feast on an enormouse collection of about 50,000 vintage toys, mostly pre-1960s. Whilst Trini recognised Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck even in their earlier designs, I felt that she had difficulty relating to many of the toys. It shouldn't be surprising since many of them were before my time as well. But it wasn't all lost on her. She had a great deal of wonder and appreciation for the vintage teddy bears on display. Incidentally, in case you didn't know, the name teddy bear came from US President Theodore Roosevelt, whose nickname was Teddy.

Admiring the Teddy Bear Collection.

Vintage Teddy Bears, Pinocchio and
Snow White & the 7 Dwarves.

After 5 floors of tin toys, plush teddy bears, Chinese wooden dolls, comic book characters and Germany's Penny Toy Collection, we braved the heat and strolled down to the Philatelic Museum.

Here I can honestly say that I lost Trini's attention altogether but the dinosaur stamp collection has more than made up for it. Whilst she very much loves dinosaurs, apparently they often chase her in the apartment, bite her ankles and then she shuts doors to keep them contained. Sometimes they escape and she has to protect baby from them and sometimes she tells me "I scared. Dinosaurs coming. Quick mummy, quick... run. Chop, chop!!!" Her recognition of the brachiosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus, quetzacoatlus and ankylosaurus stamp images goes to show that her Little Book of Dinosaurs is much loved and was worth every penny paid. The small collection of butterflies stamps received a warm reception and whilst she liked the beautiful colours, the dinosaurs won hands down.

L-R: Longisquama, Dimorphodon & Diplodocus

The challenge after the museum was getting to the train station with a tired child and peak hour train traffic. Pressed in like sardines I was grateful to the woman who vacated her seat for me and Trini. I abhorred the notion that I would have to hold Trini all the way home, since I was absolutely not going to put her down in a packed train.

With an uneventful ride home, we arrived in time for daddy to organise a cold beer and an even colder bottle of milk. I commend Trini on her effort to take on the sun, the heat, the packed train and the lengthy walks. Not bad given that we have been out for nearly 8 hours. Without a car here everything takes that much longer to do.

By 7.30pm Trini had piked it and slept for the next 14 hours but we had a wonderful mummy and TinTin day.

Good-night TinTin.