22 August 2011


This gorgeous instalment is a result of a story Alex told me. As I read the poem I could see the whole story unfold through these words.

by Alex Hajas

I felt you when you first reached out
But I thought it was a distant star
I looked up and I searched for you
As your lure felt so good

The caress of your simple wish
With my longing for some peace
Made me cross the entire sky
To seek a thing that couldn’t exist

I travelled long, I travelled wide
Blindly looking left and right
Then I walked past and you hid away
Behind the beauty you masked with rain

I walked right past and did not see
You were the one who called for me
You called again and I was there
Still not knowing what it means

A few brief moments in your eyes
Made me see just who you are
I knew I found the star I searched
But the glimmer was so very low

A fading star that needed life
A spark to ignite and make it shine
The only thing to make it live
Was unconditioned loving peace

The lonely star was given hope
It found its way to its loving home
And once in place it shone so bright
That all around became alive

Now the stars shine day and night
Even though they are apart
They illuminate the lonely fields
Bringing hope with quiet ease