12 April 2012

Vienna, Austria - Days 19-21

This is the final post for our Austrian holiday. 

We spent our 19th day journeying from Graz to Vienna by train again.  This time round we finally got a clue.  Prior to arriving at the station we searched for the right departure time that would get us on the RailJet train instead of the Inter-City.  Once we got to the station we bought first class tickets and checked exactly which end of the platform was going to be the first class carriage.  With ample time to spare we hopped on the train and thought we were doing real good till we found our seats and just couldn't figure why we would be seated separated (2 x 1 seating arrangement) as opposed to located at the four seater plus table.  Well we didn't think about it too much and just took the four seater.  An absolutely awesome ride ensued all the way into Vienna.

We shared this first class carriage with 3 other people
all the way to Vienna.  How cool is that?
Here we promptly returned to the Marriott Hotel.  Why go anywhere else when this was such good value for a 4 star hotel and the breakfast spread was yummo.  From here we also knew our way around and was easy access to the Belvedere Palace; the last major tourist site for us to visit.

Belvedere Palace

The Belvedere consists of two palaces, aptly named the Lower and Upper Belvedere.  Commissioned by Prince Eugene of Savoy the palaces were built early 18th century.  Built in Baroque style, the palaces are joined by Baroque park landscape, tiered fountains and numerous sculptures.

Lower Belvedere

Upper Belvedere
Today the Belvedere is an art museum housing arts such as Gustav Klimt's famous painting "The Kiss".  The three floors of art is neatly segregated into different styles.  Here you will find Romanticism, Medieval, Biedermeier, Historicism, Impressionism, Viennese Secession, Expressionism, Contemporary and Baroque Art.  Photography was not permitted inside.

A walk in the park even on a dreary winter's day is a must.  Whilst the water was turned off on the tiered fountains, you could just imagine how lovely it would look on a summer's day amongst the perfectly manicured gardens. 

Palace Sculptures

Fountain Sculptures

Garden Sculptures

Trini found playing hide and seek with her dad a blast and lots of running and hiding was taking place.  The cold wintry weather did not phase her.

Playing hide and seek and finding daddy.
Trini's version of hide and seek.
We returned to the hotel for that scrumptious steak with bernaise sauce we had earlier on in our trip.  We certainly weren't disappointed.

On our last day we had the foresight to enquire about taxis as I noticed a 12 euro surcharge for a cab to return from the airport.  The hotel offered their chauffeur driven car for a mere 5 euros more.  A uniform dressed driver assisted us into a brand spanking new Mercedes.  Now this form of travel I do like.  I am not much for budget, have never done backpacking but slot me into anything stylish and I will happily and gratefully lap it up.

Our return flight was uneventful.  What was eventful was the two weeks of jetlag I was dealing with.  Up at 3am, out like a light during the day.  It wasn't much fun but the holiday was immensely satisfying. 

Thank you to all who followed our journey through the blog.  Would love to hear your feedback either here or on Facebook if we are friends.  So long and see you on my next sojourn.

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