18 March 2011

A date with my husband...

After nearly 4 months of no solitary time just the 2 of us, it was a delight to wake up on Wednesday morning and know that we can have half a day doing something together.

We hopped on the train and wondered into Raffles City Mall. Probably the second most prestigious Mall in Singapore. Whilst we waited for the stores to open (most things don't open till about 11am) we trekked our way to the Basement and like magnets got drawn into J. Co Donuts and Coffee Shop. With loads of pleasure we devoured a couple of donuts each along with a coffee each. The donuts had a wonderful light and fluffy texture unlike the ones we've had in Oz which often end up being heavy like a brick.

We then made a pitstop at Robinson's which is the Oz version of David Jones to look for some business shirts. We were perplexed at being told that the David Hechter brand of shirts we were after is only stocked during Chinese New Year, then any surplus stock is sent back to the suppliers. So if we want anymore of the same shirts, wait till next year. Fair enough.

From here John takes the courage to have his first haircut in Singapore. There are several salons next door to each other in the Basement. He first checked all the prices which ranged from $10 to $35. After watching one particular hairdresser he was quite impressed with the way the hairdresser was taking his time with the cut. It was a successful trip. For $10, John got the best haircut I have seen on him in years.

Whilst John is getting a cut, I check out the local bookstore. I really enjoyed meandering through it, particularly the children's section. I came across the Usborne Publisher, a UK based company which publishes a wonderful and award winning collection of books for all levels of young readers, toddlers, teenagers and so on. Now you know how much I love books but even more so when the books are for Trinity. My love of books, have transcended onto Trini and finding a whole new collection that we can add over time will become one of those fun trips to the bookstore that we used to take at QBD Bookstore at Doncaster Shoppingtown.

However, if you are into business/finance related books consider this collection the shop stocked: 5 bookshelves on investments, 2 on finance, 5 on business management, another 5 on marketing and another 5 on miscellaneous business/finance related books. Do you think that sums up Singapore as a financial hub? Pretty much. Singaporeans place high value on education and finance and it is visible everywhere you go. The toys, the books, the concentration on enrichment programs in the schools starting with the Early Development Centres, taxi drivers (they will ask you outright how much you earn?!?!?!) and anyone else you speak to.

Now let me tell you about the most divine Asian lunch we shared today. After going around in circle in their foodcourt, we come across one place that isn't packed to the hilt and has a desirable looking menu. The Teahouse Asian Kitchen is not big but has gorgeous decor, excellent service and even more excellent food. We hoed into the following (see photos on Facebook - Gastronomy folder):

* Teahouse Fried Rice: fluffy rice with thinly sliced sausages that are slightly sweet and shrimps;
* Chicken Mushroom Pot: chicken pieces with spring onions, BBQ sauce and possibly oyster sauce, shallots, whole garlic and shiitake mushrooms;
* Broccoli with Shrimp: steamed broccoli, fat pieces of shrimp, spring onions, thin slices of ginger and crushed garlic; and
* Bottomless cups of Chinese Tea.

Total price $32. Total value for money 100%. We took out a membership with them, as we know we are going to be back. It will become one of those special haunts of ours. There are many more dishes on their menu to be tried and tested. I hear that they are duck specialists so that will be the next visit.

With stomach full, caffeinated, sweets devoured, hair cut accomplished and a nice walk around we wrap up the morning and go home. From here John gets dressed and finally goes off to work.