30 March 2011

A very special day....

Today I celebrated my very first birthday in Singapore and whilst I stopped counting after 39 years of age, I do still celebrate them well.

What made this birthday so unique from all the rest was the extraordinary amount of birthday wishes from all walks of my life.

I spent the majority of my birthday Facebooking, Skyping or Emailing thank yous. I felt very special, very very loved and sorely missed. Nothing else is comparable to feeling like a queen for a day (ok, so in my own mind I am queen of my own galaxy all the time and John just plays along with it whilst Trini overules it).

From the first Happy Birthday from hubby along with a very nice cup of coffee, to close friends, friends from playgroup, friends from childhood, friends from school, friends from old neighbourhoods, ex-colleagues, to the international call from my best friend, the beautiful eVideo from my sister, Trini singing to me Happy Birthday and the spectacular dinner I had at a seafood restaurant.

I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for making today so special and wonderful. No birthday party or quantity of presents could have surpassed the beauty of today.

With half an hour left of feeling a queen for a day, I will spend it relishing every single moment of today.

Thank you.


These beautiful roses are from John...

... and these white stunners are from Mon.