09 November 2011

Lego Hero Factory Rookies' mission to save Hammer (aka Julian Kallis)


This short story was written for my nephew's 10 birthday. A huge Lego Hero Factory fan, Julian, creates and recreates characters and stories between his Hero Factory and Ninjago collection.

Lego Hero Factory Collection

The Short Story

In the grand city of Makuhero a small team of Hero Factory Heroes, namely Breez, Surge and Furno are dispatched to undertake a most dangerous mission. Leaving their beloved home, they hyper-jump through space into a new galaxy, blazing fiercely towards planet Earth to save a young rookie known as Hammer (aka Julian Kallis) from excruciating torture and possible elimination by a mysterious, fierce and powerful villain.

You see Hammer has talents distinct from the other Heroes. He is a black belt in Taekwondo, master swordsman as taught by Spinjitzu Master, expert in multiple weaponry, lightning fast and a shapeshifter. His extraordinary talents are desperately wanted by many but even more so by the mysterious villain Black Phantom.

Unfortunately for Hammer he was tricked into a trap by Black Phantom and was captured and imprisoned. Black Phantom is wanting to force slimy green and sludgy power stealing liquid into Hammer to extract all of Hammer's talents for his own use. This will give him phenomenal cosmic powers across all known star systems and will wreak havoc upon anyone who stands in his way.

However, Hammer is a tough rookie and has been able to withstand all sorts of tortures inflicted by the Phantom but the question is how much longer can he take it? The moment Hammer was captured, a distress signal was transmitted back to home base. Each Hero also has a proximity alert device built into their armour and the moment that Breez, Furno and Surge entered into the atmosphere the Hammer was alerted to their presence and then he knew.... he had to last just that little bit longer.

In the meantime the trio Heroes were preparing their shuttle for landing procedures as they entered Earth's atmosphere. As they honed in on Hammer's distress signal the trio launched their individual pods and zeroed in on Phantom's evil lair in assault formation.

Not to be outdone the Phantom instantly alerted by the oncoming attack dispatched his own team of villains. SplitFace, Thornraxx and RawJaw geared up with their weaponry and plenty of bad attitude charge towards the entrance of the lair and ensue into a battle of ginormous proportions.

A blaze of fire with bullets flying, swords clanging and robots wrestling, the villains and the good guys give it all their might fighting to the last breath. Breez is hurled against the rocks, as Surge and Furno struggle to hold off the fierce and powerful villains. But good must prevail because losing is not an option.

So Surge and Furno lay down some covering fire forcing the villains to leap for cover, buying the precious time that Breez needed to recover and act on her next strategic move. Stealthily creeping around the rear of the villains, with her mighty sword drawn above her head Breez came crashing upon them slashing left and right. She knocked out Thronraxx with her sword and as RawJaw was distracted by Breez’s sudden attack Furno took that moment to unleash a fury of silver bullets upon him and destroy him forever. As the battle comes to an end with the Heroes winning, SplitFace becomes more and more enraged, so much so that he short circuits himself and crumbles into a heap of Lego bricks.

Sensing that the trio are nearby to save him, Hammer summons all of his will, all of his power and all the knowledge that he gained through his years of training and breaks free of his restraints, smashes through the iron gates of his prison cell and charges towards the control centre where Phantom is watching his henchmen’s downfall.

Finally Phantom and Hammer face-off, circling each other. And here the final battle begins...

No weapons, no trickery, just good old fashioned hand to hand combat. Well almost. Hammer is a Master of Taekwondo and Phantom is a Master of Jujitsu. A roundhouse kick to Phantom's head is delivered with lightning speed that catches the villain off-guard but only slightly disorients him. In retaliation Phantom grapples Hammer to the floor and hooks his legs around Hammer's neck in a stranglehold. As they are grappling on the floor, Hammer executes a jumping, spinning, special extraction move, landing on top of Phantom in a classic death from above strike, forcing the Phantom to crash heavily into the ground. Phantom realizing that he can't possibly beat the Hammer, resorts to his tiny whipper-snapper pistol hidden under his cloak of darkness and shoots Hammer in his torso, dazing Hammer long enough for Phantom to make a dash for his escape pod.

Just as Phantom makes his escape, Breez, Surge and Furno barge through the doors of the control centre finding Hammer slightly wounded and a little dazed but otherwise in good spirits. Together they return to their shuttle and make their way into outer space, returning home to Makuhero.

Upon their arrival they are greeted by the High Council of Makuhero congratulating them on their successful mission. Hammer is then taken to a private Taekwondo party, just in time to celebrate his 10th birthday.


Over and out....

Col. John, Lt. Silv and Corp. TJ

Hammer (aka Julian Kallis)