24 September 2011

Tribute to a newly Christened baby girl named Sophia

I have had the honour and privilege of participating in a most wonderful christening recently that has left its mark on my heart.  My brother, Alex, christened Sophia on the same date and month as he did Stephanie and Sebastian (Sophia's siblings) five years prior.  As part of the proceedings, I prepared little Sophia for her ceremonial immersion in water and afterwards had the pleasure of dressing her in her christening outfit.  She was cute as a button.

The celebrations at the Melbourne Acquarium was filled with fun, good food and even better company, along with the fish and crocodile.  Thank you Millan family.


If you were an angel, 
you'd be wearing a halo upon your lovely head.

If you were a cherub, 
you'd be rosy-cheeked with wings.

If you were a fairy,
you'd be sprinkling fairy dust, weaving beautiful magic.

If you were a twinkling star,
you'd be shining bright in the night-sky.

If you were a princess,
you'd steal all our hearts and hold us in the palm of your hand.

But Sophia there are no If's.
You are not just one of these you are all of these.

You are mummy's angel and daddy's cherub.
You are my fairy and Nono's star.
You are Stephanie and Sebastian's special little sister
and everybody else's princess.

You are God's delightful creation,
filling your home with love and laughter.

Journey through life with everlasting wonder.
Cherish every minute with your family.
Hear your mum and dad's words of wisdom.
Forever adore your brother and sister.
Look after your Nono as he will look after you.
And I will in turn watch over you from afar.

Love, hugs and kisses.

Nono Alex, Silvia & Sophia