03 September 2011

A letter to daddy for Father's Day

Why would I play with anyone else,
when you are the greatest playmate I could ever have.

How could I not love you the way I do,
when your kisses and cuddles are just the very best.

I know sometimes I have selective hearing,
but it’s impossible to ignore you for long.

You patiently guide me through my mistakes,
forgive my tantrums and dry my tears.

You save me when the dinosaurs chase me and
build Megablok towers for me to crash.

You run with me to school,
jump over ‘raging rivers of death’,
hang me upside down, and
splash with me in the diving pool.

You taught me how to ride my scooter, catch a ball, and
paddle in the swimming pool.

You showed me that jam tastes better
when it’s scooped out of the jar with my finger.

We have done so many things already,
I can hardly wait for more.

You are the best of the bestest daddies, and
I am one lucky little girl.

I want today to be a special day for you,
have lots of doughnuts, and
reminisce about all the fun we have together.


I Love You BIG Much!!!