10 September 2011

My brother's birthday tribute to his niece

Happy Birthday Trinity

You run riot with our hearts
I think you know it and you hide
You test mummy and your dad
And when you lose you run to Anne

Neither I or Auntie Anne
Will say no to what you want
And I'll be making complex plans
To convince your mum and dad

You've barely turned the ripe old 3
And I'm recruited to fight for thee
For every no your mum will say
A look from you and I'm in stance

I didn't sign up for this you know
And I do see it in your eyes
The look that says oh Uncle Alex
You are just putty in my hands

I'll be hammered for years and years
I'll be in trouble with your mum
But what can I say dear Trini
One single kiss and I was thine

So being older in the know
I will tell you how it will go
When Auntie Annie is stopped by mum
To me you look and start to run

You hide behind me; don't say a word
And I will weather mummies storm
And when the rain has passed us by
You come out with a sunny smile

She'll forgive in her due time
We both know she will be fine
She'll blow a gasket two or three
But that's what mothers do with kids

So Triny dear I have a plan
Stick by me and we will get
All the things your heart desires
If not from mummy then from me

Happy Birthday it's your third
Let's run riot cause it's your day
And if they tell you to behave
Not today after all it is your birthday

Uncle Alex
Lets see what you get up to...