19 December 2011

From New Adventures Come New Friendships

by Silvia Hajas

There once were a trio
Called John, Silv & Trin
They went off on an adventure
To a far off place called Singapore

Leaving wonderful siblings and great friends behind
They moved into Costa Del Sol
With five pools and much more

There they made friends
That may cause some confusion
For they’re citizens of the world
No matter the conclusion

They’re South Africans and New Zealanders
And Slovaks and Canadians
And British and Indian
And Aussies and Russians

But let’s not go far for the trio are no different
One is an Aussie, the other Romanian
Making the third a Eurostralian

You put us together and we are a great mix
Living in the tropics of Asia that can’t be missed
Poolside drinks and great conversation
Makes for this mob an awesome compilation

Where to from here?
It is most unknown
But for now we’ll just enjoy
The new friendships formed.

So to our expat friends
We thank you for your friendship
And wish you a Christmas
That’s especially magic.