05 December 2011

I Miss You

This reads like a love lost but the ever-present romantic that my brother is, this poem just tells me that whoever he holds dear to his heart, he will not let go of and will keep on hoping that in the end love shall win above all else. For love and hope must be kept closest to our hearts, as they create the wonderful memories that we take with us to the end of our lives.

I Miss You
by Alex Hajas

I miss the way you hold my hands
I miss the way you hold me tight
I miss the way you look at me
But most the way you make me feel

I miss the way you kiss my lips
I miss the way you stroke my hair
I miss the things you do for me
But most I miss to see you sleep

I miss the way you hold my arm
I miss you walking by my side
I miss your presence in the night
But most of all when I wake up

I miss the vision of who you are
I miss the strolls we take at night
I miss the kiss that says goodnight
But most the one that wakes me up