01 March 2012

Fashion Label Desigual of Barcelona, Spain

Seventy-two countries, five continents, twenty-eight years on....

This is Desigual, a unique, vibrant fashion label headquartered in Barcelona, Spain.  It is the vision of Thomas Meyer of Swiss origin, who at the tender age of 20 believed and wanted a different way to dress, wearing garments that emanated fun and innovation.

Founding his business in 1984 with a jean jacket patched from old worn jeans, it is a far cry from Desigual today.   Hitting a snag in the late 80s and nearly closing up shop, today Desigual sells approximately 15,000,000 garments annually.  Their logistics department can store up to 3,000,000 items in their automated warehouse, process 5,500 orders per day and have it shipped within 24 hours.  It is safe to say that Desigual is thriving and here to stay.

The patched jean jacket that launched Desigual in 1984.
Image credit www.desigual.com

My sister and I fell in love, literally, over Christmas with Desigual when we happened upon the newly opened store at Raffles City Mall, Singapore.  Funky dresses, winter coats (I know it's Singapore but my sister did go home with one and she's going to wow Melbourne with it), handbags that speak for themselves and brightly patterned tops that just call for attention.

Annie modelling Desigual winter coat
and long-sleeve A-line dress.

Not shy about trying new things, Desigual took on the challenge to create a children's range which was successfully launched in 2004.  Desigual's ability to cater from adults to children inevitably created a worldwide following and brand loyalty. With a motto that "we dress people, not bodies" illustrates Desigual's commitment to create clothing that is not driven by a particular culture, gender, shape, size or height.  

As a westerner in Singapore and thereby generally taller and wider than the average local I was delighted with their well-fitting styles and designs.  With a slowly expanding personal collection from Desigual, both John and I feel more vibrant and fashionable in our new gear.  Whilst I was never particularly brand conscious, I must say, I love this label and I am very conscious of it.  Prices average between SGD$100-$250 with the exception of winter coats which are closer to SGD$500.

For those living or visiting Singapore, I highly recommend the Orchard Central store on Orchard Road.  It is large with spunky interiors and fabulous collections for men, women and children.  Note that not all Singaporean stores cater for children.

Whilst it does not have a retail presence in Australia, my sister tells me that there are authorised dealers at least in Melbourne where she resides.

If you are hankering for a wardrobe pick-me up with a difference then visit one of their stores or authorised dealers, you will not be disappointed. 

As their slogan indicates "it's not the same" and it certainly isn't.

Trini enjoying being buried under Desigual.
She thought it was very funny.