13 August 2012

3D Jigsaw Puzzle by MEGA Puzzles

On a recent shopping trip with Trinity, I came across Mega Puzzles' latest jigsaw puzzle design.  With the patent pending the latest jigsaw design is a combination of 2D and 3D technology.  Intrigued by the concept I swiftly paid SGD$30 and bought Minnie Mouse following Trini's selection.

With only 250 pieces at a moderate level of difficulty, Trini and I set off with the background which was the flat 2D part of the puzzle.  Once finished the puzzle was glued on both sides in order to make it solid.

The pieces from the 3D section, being Minnie's face and her gloved hands, were then punched out from the cardboard.  Each piece has several numbered tabs which needed to be folded, along with the overall piece that required to be folded where marked.

It didn't take long to realise that the 3D section of the puzzle required dexterity, a little bit of strength, manual manipulation and an organised approach to the construction.

Each pre-folded piece needed to be arranged in the order shown by the strip number and then each tab had a corresponding tab number.  This indicated how the pieces were to join one another. Tabs were then matched with their corresponding number and held together with joining clips.

L: Joining clips keeping Minnie's face together
R: Minnie's completed face
Completing Minnie's face was quite fiddly but immensely satisfying once I saw the end result.  The gloved hands were quicker and easier to put together.

Once finished the 3D images were attached to the 2D flat puzzle with more clips by matching the numbers for correct positioning and voila a ready made piece, perfect for framing without glass.

A totally fun jigsaw puzzle, the downside is that it can only be made once.  The flat puzzle must be glued in order to be able to attach the 3D section to it.

Would I do another one?  Definitely.  I love my jigsaw puzzles and I sure appreciate new concepts and designs in puzzling.

An angled photo to illustrate Minnie's
protruding face and hands.
The completed puzzle and Trini sneaking into the photo.