16 August 2012

Marshmallow Painting

Together with my daughter, we spend enormous amounts of time painting, painting and some more painting.  Not an artist myself, I ran out of ideas and looked for inspiration on You Tube where I came across marshmallow painting.

Not unlike potato painting, which Trini has done before, marshmallow painting comes with an added bonus.  Mummy buys a pack of marshmallow of which half is used for painting and the other half for eating.

Trini's got the painting and eating marshies down pat.

Using Crayola's Washable Kids Paint (comes in a pack of 10 pots) and a disposable plate, pour a dollop of the chosen colours and place a marshmallow on top of each colour.

On a sheet of paper, guide the child to pick up a paint loaded marshmallow and stamp away on paper.  Keep changing marshmallows till the paper has a kaleidoscopic effect.

Trini's solo marshie stamping.
Trini and mummy marshie artwork.
Let it dry and either hang it on an art wall or frame it in one of Ikea's child friendly frames (look for Nyttja which comes in several bright colours with durable plastic instead of glass, keeping the kiddies safe).

Trini loving the marshie stamping and even more
the marshie eating.
NB: make sure the child doesn't eat the painted marshmallow.  I gave Trini a small plate with 3 marshies on them so she can indulge as well as paint with them.