04 February 2011

D-Day has arrived

And so the long awaited day has arrived.

The bags are packed, the electronics safely stowed in the overhead luggage.  Toys squeezed into TJ's bag.  The house is sold, settled and gone.  55 boxes filled with stuff, and no can't even remember what's in them, has been collected for shipping. 

Now, we are just waiting.  Waiting for the hours to pass before we go to the airport.  Waiting to board the plane.  Waiting to take off and land.  Waiting to get through customs.  When the waiting is over and we have arrived, a wonderful man is waiting for us down the other end.  Hugs and kisses ready and waiting.

With time on my hands (way too efficient with the packing to have time!!!), I now reflect on the wonderful people I leave behind.  My sister with the endless coffees and cakes at Laurent and amazing conversations, my brother's wicked sense of humour, my best friend of more than 20 years, my girlfriend with her new son and gorgeous life in the country, the mums and bubs I have cherished spending time with since the birth of my daughter, friends I have not seen for years but have had the pleasure of catching up with in recent times reminds me how much I have always enjoyed their company.

I will miss my trips to Shoppingtown and the usual haunts and my lunches/dinners at Ikea with my sister followed by the zig-zag walk through the store.

As this chapter in  my life comes to an end, a grand adventure is commencing.  New culture, new way of living, new friendships, and very likely loads and loads and loads of travelling raking up the frequent flyer points along with all the photos capturing the wonderful moments.

So for now I say farewell and I look forward to you visiting me in Singapore.

Stay tuned for blogs on life in Singapore.