09 February 2011

Technology immersion

And we have now joined the 21st century by finally purchasing a 42" HD LED TV. So it may not be the biggest but it is a huge step from the 68cm CRT TV we had back home right until we left the country (and someone bought it on ebay for $20).

Now check this out for service by a telco company. Try getting this at home. John rings StarHub (like Telstra) on Monday to organise the telco services and the sales rep takes him through all the various deals and books John in for Wednesday. Tuesday, John gets an SMS reminding him that he's got a booking with StarHub for Wednesday b/w 11am and 1pm. Wednesday the service technician calls him half hour before he's due to arrive as confirmation. Right on 11am he's here and in half an hour he's got cable wired and internet programmed on both laptops. The cable is costing us $17 a month for 146 channels and the internet is $65 a month for wireless unlimited download (Alex you should appreciate this).

Our iPhones 4 are also now fully charged and ready to be programmed. Now here's an oddity for mobile deal in Singapore. I am paying $30 a month for 100mins for outgoing calls, 500 free SMS locally and 12GB download capability. But get this I have to pay $5 a month for Caller ID. So in order to see if John is calling me and he is programmed into my phone, I have to pay for Caller ID. Weird yeah? But it's the Singaporean way and I will pay it for the sake of convenience.

Now, I've figured out the camera on the iPhone and bombarded Annie with photos and how to email and how to even make a call. John's drowning in Apple Apps and playing Games (especially since his work is proudly sponsoring an iPhone game).

So I am sitting on my mattress in front of cable TV, on my laptop, with the iPhone on one side (along with my sexy Stilleto cover and 26 crystals) and the Blackberry on the other (with my Aussie sim card). Whilst John is beside me on the mattress, playing iPhone games, his laptop in front of him and his work Blackberry nearby. Do you think we have integrated into the technology mad world of Singapore? I won't tell you about the digital camera in my handbag, the video camera waiting to be charged and the media player and external hard drive patiently waiting to be used when the cable TV isn't.

What's more scary is Trinity's affinity for all technology gadgets. If she's not quietly trying to sneak up onto the laptop, she will be looking for her digital camera or trying to decide if she should play with my old Samsung mobile or try and hijack the Blackberry and ho and behold if she could just get her hands on the iPhones she would be in absolute heaven.

Techno geeks signing off. Good night.