18 February 2011

Groundhog Day

Some of you may wonder what the wheather is like here. Think the hot version of Groundhog Day.

Average 30 degrees during the day (give or take 2 degrees) and 24 degress overnight. Half the year we get the breeze from the northern hemisphere and the other half from the southern hemisphere. So it's hot all year round, with a breeze all year round.

I wake up in the morning and say "Oh look, it's another sunny day, just like yesterday and the day before and the last 2 weeks. Exactly the same, no deviation."

Humidity levels are very high and in a less ventilated place, mould on clothes is a common factor. I was reading on an expat forum about a girl's experience with humidity. After 2 weeks on holiday she returned to her apartment to find a fine film of mould growing on her clothes along with her leather shoes. I would not have wanted to be in her shoes.

When monsoon season kicks in humidity levels are at 90%. We don't particularly have mould issues but we are proactive about it by using our air conditioners to dry up the air for a couple of hours each night. We have 6 aircons in place, being 2 in lounge/dining, 1 per bedroom & 1 family room. During the day we just open the windows and back door and we get a natural breeze running through the place. Since we are facing south-east, we don't have problems with the western sun and associated heat, and only briefly have the eastern sun shine through our window because the building next to us takes the brunt of the morning sun.