06 February 2011

Day 2 in Singapore

So we have slept loads, had a terrific flight into Singapore and already been shopping.

The apartment is awesome and the view is wow, mind blowing. Given that the furniture in the apartment consists of a mattress in the living room which doubles over as dining table and sofa and a lovely new LED TV, the view that we wake up to leaves you speechless. It's not just a plain ocean view, it is littered with ship freighters of all sizes and the sky has the constant flow of international flights that we see on average every 5 minutes.

Breakfast, coffee, lunch and talks all take place in front of the wall-to-wall floor to ceiling window. It is very difficult to be wound up in this environment. It is no wonder that when I saw John at the airport he looked more like a man on extended holidays, than a man who's been working.

Much as I would love to share more, I am on borrowed wireless from the downstairs cafe until we are hooked up. So stay tuned, I'll be back in a day or two to regale you with our Ikea, Courts and Giant Supermarket experience. Holy molly the size of these superstores, I am still recovering.

Until then take care.