13 June 2011

iPad2 Review From a Non-Techie

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways...
  • you weigh 613g
  • you're so thin at 8.8mm
  • 10 hours of battery
  • you are portable and fit in my handbag
  • you can take photos and videos
  • I can watch movies or listen to music anywhere in the world
  • I can charge you through my laptop or a power outlet
  • I can websurf through Wi-Fi or 3G by piggy-backing off my iPhone
  • take Skype calls away from home base
  • communicate with family in a foreign language through your multi-language keyboard and dictionary support
Can I ask for more?  Maybe but I'm just a regular user with no technical specification expertise and I am happy with your creation and what you have to offer.

8.8mm thick
Personalised if ordered online

Did I need the iPad?  Of course not but who can resist such a good looking toy that as a technological product slots so easily between a laptop and an iPhone.  I am married to an IT professional and so an understanding and appreciation of IT products is now inbred in not just myself but also our daughter, who at nearly 3 years of age is showing an immense affinity towards all technological products.  She navigates my iPhone like a professional.

The iPad gives me websurfing capabilities to research subjects that I am blogging about whilst I am drafting the content of the blog on my laptop.  It is convenient to check emails, Facebook or Skype chats without needing to fire up my laptop.

Dare I say that the iPad is also kinder on the planet.  With 10 hours battery, the power outlet is used only every few days as opposed to the laptop which is constantly plugged in because the battery only holds a couple of hours charge.

With 64GB of storage space, the iPad can store up to 32,000 photos taken with a 14 megapixel camera or 64 standard movie torrents (not blue-ray or HD) at 1GB per torrent.

I can conveniently write notes on things I think of, see or experience without worrying about having a notepad or pen on hand and certainly not having to rely on my memory.

Most of all, I love the Apple apps.  The following are some of the ones I use:
  • Hungry - eateries throughout the country, their prices and reviews, along with a section that details just those that are near my condo.
  • Compass - will never lose my way home again.
  • SG Malls - a listing of Singapore shopping centres and their contact/location details.
  • Maps - a smaller and easier version of getting around as opposed to the paper tourist maps and it gives you directions.
  • Weather - weekly weather forecast anywhere in the world.
  • Currency - convert and view up to 150 currencies.

The forthcoming international trips will be that much easier to bear, knowing that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tom & Jerry, Tinkerbell and Dumbo can be loaded on my iPad to occupy my little girl during the 15 hours of flying.  I just better make sure the iPhone is charged to play Talking Tom, Talking Ben and Talking Gina and the chargers are in the bag.

So whilst I love my husband, I am having an affair with my laptop, dating my iPhone and getting to know my iPad.