23 June 2011

Thank you...

Written by my brother, this poem was inspired by a beautiful woman he encountered on his trip to Romania. The young woman, a theatrical actress, was described to me as earthy, soulful and simply just wonderful to be around.

He was smitten with her genuiness and realness. He felt like a teenager on his first date. Whilst he had to continue his journey and therefore leave her behind, he was left eternally touched.

I in turn was so touched by the depth of my brother and his words, that with permission I now reproduce it for my readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you
by Alex Hajas

As the wind blows gently forth
Every morning at the break of dawn
Bringing life to summer days
For me your presence is the same

I have seen you form a smile
Not that easy to forget
And your eyes that make men flutter
Speak of longing, though I see pain

You hide behind a wall of glass
That is darkened to their sight
Yet I see you clear as day
Your inner beauty is insane

You glide the pavement as the wind
Gleaming eyes follow your stream
I see them turn and sigh relief
They know an angel spread her wings

The weight of love may be your burden
That you carry night and day
A breath of life and inspiration
For all to feast on through their pain

You give hope to all the helpless
You bring love and that’s your gift
What a flower everlasting
I wish I held in my own hands

There’s no denying how I feel
Because your presence seems unreal
Your smile and your gleaming eyes
Bears a will to hold you tight

To say I thank you that we met
Is incomparable to an embrace
I’d rather a kiss that’s everlasting
Repeated daily till the end

Alex Hajas