29 June 2011

Shoes, shoes, fabulous shoes....

There is something magnetic about shoes.  The colours, the strapiness, high heels, wedges, bling, boots, stilettos.  It doesn't matter, as women we are forever hooked.

We are hooked simply because shoes can make you feel gorgeous, complement an outfit, create artificial height, make you feel and act different (imagine yourself in runners and then imagine yourself in a stylish pair of high heels) and best of all they will always fit unlike clothes.

Singapore retailers have the most spectacular collection of shoes.  Most are for teethering on and require exceptional balance, a straight posture and the skills to walk in them.  My recent acquisition of a pair of Guess clogs added a further 13cm to my already 170cm height. 

Guess clogs a steal at A$50.

On a recent visit my dearest friend and fellow shoe addict departed Singapore with 16 pairs of shoes, mostly courtesy of Charles & Keith and Pazzion shoe stores.  Blessed with great legs and superb feet for high heels each pair of purchased shoes had a wow factor, some more than others, but wow just the same.

Charles & Keith

The Charles & Keith label is a product of two brothers, Charles and Keith Wong, who grew up working in their parents' shoe shop.  The brothers launched the Singaporean label in 1996 and to date have a collection of 200 stores across Asia, Middle-East and Eastern Europe.  Driven to produce fashion forward designs and cater to market sentiments, Charles & Keith successfully create and distribute a plethora of footwear, handbags and other accessories.  Each store has an eye-catching window display, is a delight to meander through, and best of all respectable prices that suit most budgets.


Established in 2001 and of Singaporean origin, Pazzion has expanded its label into several Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand and Brunei.  The company's objective is to mix sophistication with fashion trends, whilst keeping it all within reasonable prices.

Why so many shoes? 

Can this question really be answered?  How can anyone ever articulate the love affair between a woman and her shoes or that instant attraction when she lays her eyes on those must-have heels or boots.  How do you ask a woman not to coordinate her ensemble with the perfect pair of shoes?

How can you ask a woman to say no when her visual senses are constantly tantalised with a myriad of choices?  There are pumps, wedges, clogs, stilettos, flats, platforms, open toed, closed toed, sandals, slingbacks, long boots, ankle boots, leather, suede, patent, mesh, lace, rhinestones, buckles, lace-ups and let's not get into the colours and patterns.

On this occasion maybe because the average pair was priced at A$35.  Maybe because the designs are beautiful and different to what can be found back home.  Maybe because she has great feet and just about everything looked awesome on her.  Or maybe, just maybe because she has an all encompassing obsession with shoes that many of us share, understand and even respect.

Thank you to Marc Gleeson for whiling away a couple of hours with my iPhone and photographing this gorgeous collection of shoes, whilst Mon and I were busy colouring in and painting.

The complete collection