07 June 2011

The most versatile wrap I have ever owned

I was viewing one of my sister's profile pictures on Facebook and noticed that of the seven women in the photograph, five of them were wearing the same short wrap in the same colour in completely different ways.

I am the fortunate owner of several such wraps in different colours which are obviously needed to coordinate with seasonal releases of pintuck or complementary camis or the LBD skirt cum dress cum baby doll top (another multi-wearing garment - you should see this worn upside down, innovative for sure) or pants or slip... the options are absolutely endless.

My good fortune is a result of being the lucky sister of an Intimo Stylist. Intimo is an Australian company founded by Sue Whyte in 1995, with the vision to supply the Australian women with a brand of fashion lingerie in a broad range of sizes (8A/30A to 24G/46G). Since its inception Intimo has diversified into leisurewear, sports bras, maternity bra & slip and masectomy bra.

Annie Kallis, my fabulous sister, aka "the Slip Queen" (that's another story for another time) has been a stylist with Intimo for seven years. She is a product guru, fashion stylist and superb bra fitter. With a natural charm, zesty approach to her work and committed to ensure her clients feel comfortable and beautiful in their new purchases, this is one woman I would call on.

So you can imagine with a product guru in my family, it was inevitable that I would be exposed to the products, the fittings, the styling and even technical product knowledge. Back to the wrap.

Manufactured out of modal the wrap is versatile, soft, stretchy, non-crush and very smooth. Made of beech wood cellulose, modal is a textile that is resistant to shrinkage and fading, gentle to the skin due to its natural fibre properties, softer than cotton and skin hugging. Simply said a perfect fabric for wraps that can be twisted, pulled and stretched into different wears and particularly perfect for travelling as it folds up small and light.

Whilst the wrap is always available in black (size 6-20) and white (size 6-18), Intimo will occasionally release a seasonal colour.  For instance, the long wrap is currently released in French Navy.

Since pictures talk louder than words, peruse the different tying applications of the short wrap.

This is the classic wrap tied at the rear.

Did you ever think of wearing a wrap back to front. 
It gives a terrific backdrop to a long and sparkly necklace.

The wrap is back to front again, with the sleeves tied around the
neck to give a cowl neckline.

Back to front again, twisted prior to putting it on.

A diamante encrusted bangle is used to thread the ties through.

Same diamanted bangle with the ties crossing over and tying
at the back.

Back to front, with a brooch creating the asymmetrical look.

This has to be the simplest version of a wrap.  Pull the ties
through a gorgeous ring and voila, you have some bling.

And finally, not the most practical, maybe a little wacky, but
it shows that you are only limited by your imagination.
Amongst the hundreds of consultants across Australia and NZ, the short wrap has been twisted and stretched into 18 different looks. 

For now my rainbow collection of wraps sit in storage awaiting the day when it can surface to be worn in cool weather again as Singapore is just a little too hot and too humid.

Ladies, if you want a professional bra fitter, travel wardrobe or styling contact Annie at annie.kallis@intimo.com.au or 0412-476-130.  She will welcome you in her home for a private fitting or happily soujourn to your place for a girlfriend Intimo party.

Annie, this blog is a tribute to you as you reach your first $1 million dollars in sales. Thank you for the endless supply of beautiful lingerie and leisurewear.  I am so proud of you I want to shout it from highest mountain.