05 May 2012

A physical wellbeing journey

Inspired by our Aussie kickboxing and karate instructor, Bernard Schokman, my hubby and I started a journey towards body detoxification, cleansiness, weight loss/gain and overall improved physical being. 

Not quite sure how, but the will to discover as we go is good enough for us.  We have a basic idea about food and through ongoing research we will add to the knowledge bank.  We also purchased inline skates to use as a family way to exercise whilst having fun (it's been about 5 years since I've been on them).  Trini will have the option to join us either on her own skates, scooter or bike.  We have a gym and 50m lap pool as part of our condos facilities for further resistance and cardio training.

Target length of this journey is 33 days simply because I have to travel to Australia in June.  It seems long enough to break some bad habits and acquire some good ones.

Here are our stats as at 28 April 2012:


Basic Stats

Age - 42
Height - 170cm (5"7')
Weight - 71.2kgs
Waist - 81cm
Hips - 110cm
Thighs - 63cm
Breast - 95cm
Calf Muscle - 40cm


Basic Stats

Age - 40
Height - 185cm (6"1')
Weight - 68.8kgs
Waist - 75cm
Thighs - 53cm
Chest - 88cm
Biceps - 27.5
Calf Muscle - 35cm

Typical daily food/beverage intake

Breakfast - coffee (sometimes 2) and cereal with flavoured yoghurt and milk (sometimes only coffee) or bacon, fried eggs & hash browns on weekends.

Lunch - toast x 2 with margarine or 2 minute noodles (sometimes nothing at all).

Dinner - wokked Asian out at Hawker's market or Indian take-away or pizza (3 slices each) and occasional hot chips.

Good snacks - mixed nuts or apple or banana.

Bad snacks - ice cream every 2nd day, sporadic Ferrero Rocher chocolate intake (the box lasts a while), occasionally plain biscuits with coffee.  No cakes, it just doesn't work with Singapore's heat and humidity.

Non-alcoholic beverages - standard glass of water x 4approx, 1 glass of carton juice on weekend with brekky.  No fizzy drinks (never really took to them) other than the occasional Perrier lime mineral water.

Alcoholic beverages - alternating daily between 1 beer or 1 breezer (2 of either if we are socialising with neighbours) or sharing a bottle of wine with John.  3-4 times a week a straight scotch usually late at night.  We never drank so much till we moved to Singapore and found ourselves in a resort style lifestyle which just begged for too much overindulgence whilst socialising.

We don't have a short term target since we just want to figure it out, break some habits and see how well we manage it since we have never done this before.  Over the longer term though I want to lose approximately 10kg and John wants to gain 5kg.

What we'd probably like to accomplish initially is to wean off coffee (I get horrendous headaches if I go cold turkey) which should take less than a week.  First step is to go from three cups to one.

In terms of alcoholic beverages, it is simply cold turkey. 

John bought a juice extractor and made a terrific Balinese Lola juice which is a combo of 3 carrots, 2 apples, 2 oranges, 1 lemon, half ginger. 

As of Monday, I start a juice fast (combo of fruits and vegies) with psyllium husk, LSA (linseed, sunflower and almonds mix) and sea salt additives.  You may wonder why?  According to good ole Wiki, the salt aids with keeping headaches, irritations and nausea at bay, LSA provides the protein and the psyllium husk is used to aid with colon cleansing and are a source of soluble dietary fiber. 

For John the cleansing would be beneficial however the diet will need to be supplemented with protein and other intake that aids with weight gain rather than weight loss.  This one will be a bit trickier.

What we need to be aware of is any side effects as a result of detoxing such as tiredness, irritability, bad breath, constipation, dizziness and headaches.

My next post will be at the end of day 7 to share what has transpired.