20 May 2012

Wellbeing & Weight Loss Journey - End of Week 3

As the third week rolled by I settled into my routine with juice in the morning and evening, soup at lunch and nuts for snacks.  Many of the juice recipes are now recirculating and we are narrowing down the favorites.  At the end of this month look out for the Top 10 Juices post, should you be interested in trying them.

My water intake is steady at around 2-2.5L per day.  Who would have ever thought I would replace my much beloved coffee for water.

The week began on a good note, with a 50 minute session at the bicycle station.  It hard to start with as I was overcoming stiff muscles from a treadmill session a couple of days prior but after 20 minutes of wincing and groaning, the muscles warmed up and the rest of a breeze.

Rather satisfied with my effort in working out every second day, I did not anticipate catching the flu and spending three days knocked off my feet.

As a result of my sedentation, it was reasonable to expect that not much movement would take place on my weight or measurements, however, it is not completely disappointing since I managed to remove another kilo from my body.

Age - 42
Height - 170cm (5"7')
Weight - 67kg (lost 4.2kg)
Natural Waist - 74cm (lost 7cm)
Waist around navel - 79.5 (lost 6.5cm)
Hips - 104cm (lost 6cm)
Thighs - 60cm (lost 3cm)
Breast - 91cm (lost 4cm)
Calf Muscle - 38cm (lost 2cm)

Grateful to have made it this far, I am already tasting my celebratory lunch next Sunday at a most divine organic salad bar.  It will be a nice way to ease back into solid foods without shocking my system.