27 May 2012

Wellbeing & Weight Loss Journey - End of Week 4

And the end of this journey has arrived.  Four weeks of juicing and souping.  Throughout this month I broke my diet once on Mother's Day to have a tuna salad and indulge in a coffee macaroon.

I kept up the water intake of 2-2.5L per day until last week when I started feeling water logged.  I cut it back to 1-1.4L per day.

Recovering from a bad flu this last week, I managed to exercise twice but with limited energy.

Knowing the end was near, for the last few days I've been hankering a meal that required chewing.  Looking forward to my breakfast and lunch outing today.

Was this month worth it?  Having dropped nearly 6kg in total, I think so.  My clothes fit better and I feel better.  I also sleep better since I am not loaded with my usual 3-4 cups of coffee per day.  However, this is only just over the half way mark and there's still another 5kg to go.

So here are the final stats:

Age - 42
Height - 170cm (5"7')
Weight - 65.3kg (lost 5.9kg)
Natural Waist - 74cm (lost 7cm)
Waist around navel - 77.5 (lost 8.5cm)
Hips - 103cm (lost 7cm)
Thighs - 58cm (lost 5cm)
Bust - 90cm (lost 5cm)
Calf Muscle - 37.5cm (lost 2.5cm)

Where to from here?  It's a good question indeed.  I have another week before I fly to Australia visiting for six weeks and I am not quite sure how I will manage this next phase of my weight loss regime.  Perhaps just be conscientious about what I eat and leave the next phase for when I get back home.

Am I concerned about falling back into bad habits?  Yes I am, but fingers crossed that I have learned enough about myself to know better.  Thankfully I am not into fast foods or fizzy drinks so that is one less problem to deal with.

Whilst blogging about this journey was meant to end here, I think a follow on blog of how I am faring may be worthwhile.  Stay tuned...